Photo credit: John Daniels

Meet Anna

I'm Anna Warren Lewis, and I thank you for taking the time to meet me!

I've lived in Huntington, WV, my entire life. Since graduating from Marshall University 15 years ago, my family and I have lived in an industrial residential neighborhood called Altizer.  There is so much to love about it: lots of kids, the local park, a skate rink, and a great elementary school.

I left the workforce after my son was born  to care for him. It took sacrifice and a great work ethic from my husband, but we were fortunate. For many of our neighbors, however, it was much different. In 2008, many of those who worked in manufacturing and production began being laid off. Almost immediately, there were home foreclosures all around us. Previously thriving families were evicted or forced to move to find work, and those empty homes became investment or abandoned, bank-owned properties. By 2012, many of the homes in low-income neighborhoods had been turned into slum dwellings, and directly contributed to the increase in drug violence and crime.  In 2016, in an effort to understand what was happening in my city, I obtained a real estate license.  Now I want to fight to keep irresponsible and unethical business practices out of our neighborhoods.

Most of my "free" time is spent volunteering. I've organized and raised funds for quite a few causes, because I love it, but closest to my heart are the local elementary and middle schools. I became involved about seven years ago, and saw first hand the importance of parent involvement actually is, but it wasn't until the winter of 2019 that I realized how dire the situation with our school system had become.  When "Education Betterment" plans went public, it was obvious that the legislation did nothing to address the real issues. I started researching poverty, abuse, neglect, drug activity, and generational cycles of dysfunction. I researched educational funding, overcrowding, the lack of educator support, and the lack of parental involvement, etc.  It is obvious that these issues have to be addressed before betterment is actually achieved. Now, I participate in two school Local School Improvement Councils to help develop change for students, parents, and educators. But it's imperative now that I join the House of Delegates to help protect student interests, educator working conditions, and the future of our education system. You can help by voting for me in 2020!