"Education. Community. Economy. In that order." -Me, all day every day

Public education is not only our children's foundation. It is the foundation for our community.  It is our ONE shot to make an impact in the lives of generations.  So legislation should address of the needs of our system, our educators, and MOST importantly our students and their families. Funding and support for the following initiatives is crucial for real education betterment:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package for educators, which includes mental health and wellness programs

  • Mental health counselors in each school, with a much lower counselor to student ratio

  • Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) and trauma-related training for teachers and administration 

  • Music and arts positions and programs

  • Parent outreach and education programs

  • Targeted study and student data analysis 


Between 2008 and 2012, two things happened: Manufacturing began moving out of the state/country, and the subprime mortgage bubble burst. Banks began foreclosing on homes in our area and then leaving them vacant, or selling them to slumlords. This led to an influx of vagrancy, illegal drug activity, and gun violence. Worst of all, neighbors of these decaying properties have trouble selling their own homes because of the lowered market value.

But accountability can make change. Legislation that increases penalties for community devaluation (like slumlord-ing, out of state ownership, unsafe or illegal renter practices) and increases tax incentives for local owners and responsible landlords can reduce:

  • vagrancy

  • illegal drug activity

  • crime related violence

It can increase:

  • property value

  • neighborhood safety

  • community pride


WV citizens are paying the price for having a corporate economy.   I want to support legislation that makes small business financing more accessible to prospective owners, that increases the number of locally owned/funded financial institutions, and incentives for those banks to provide affordable solutions to small business owners. I want to support efforts to create public banking in our counties, and programs to educate small business owners. 

Let's escape the confines of energy by diversifying our local industry. Lessen regulation for small farms, decriminalize cannabis, and deregulate oppressive hemp policy. Hemp production, in particular, can provide growth in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and retail.